Adored Beast – Anti-Vaccinosis

Help for Pets who Suffer from Side-Effects of Vaccines

This week’s featured supplement is Anti-Vaccinosis by Adored Beast. This supplement has been a customer favorite since we brought it in.

If you have a pet who suffers from short-term or long-term side effects of vaccination, this homeopathic blend of thuja and silicea could help to reduce those symptoms without reducing the efficacy of the vaccine.

Vaccines are an important part of the proper care of our pets. But more and more pet owners and vets are raising concerns that we over-vaccinate – giving boosters when they are not needed. Many pet owners have turned to titer tests and altered vaccine schedules as a way to avoid negative effects, while still protecting pets.

When vaccination is needed, some individual pets seem to have a harder time. Certain breeds of dogs are known for sensitivity to vaccines. Cats are particularly vulnerable to negative side effects.

Adverse symptoms of vaccination can include:

  • discomfort and swelling at the vaccination site
  • fever
  • sneezing, snotty nose, or other respiratory symptoms
  • autoimmune diseases
  • allergies
  • & more

Anti-vaccinosis can help with these issues. Thuja works on the respiratory system, skin, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and more. Silicea is cleansing; it clears congestion and removes irritants from the body.

Adored Beast provides a video that describes this supplement in greater detail:


We are always happy to talk about supplements that could help your pet. Stop by either store location 9-7, 7 days a week to check out our great supplement selection. Also, check out Adored Beast’s page on Anti-Vaccinosis by clicking HERE.



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