5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Your Dog Dandelion… Seriously!

By Ellie Hansen

You know that pesky yellow flower called the dandelion that likes to take over your lawn? Well, it turns out that this plant simply does not get the respect it deserves. Not only are dandelion flowers a great source of nourishment for honey bees, but this plant’s nutritional qualities for humans have been known for thousands of years. Our pets, too, can share in what this health-giving plant has to offer.


5 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Dandelion



The dandelion is one of the most complete plant foods on earth. A one cup serving of fresh dandelion greens will provide as much as 2000 IUs of vitamin A; 20 percent protein (double of what spinach provides); vitamins C, K, D, and B-complex; iron; manganese; phosphorus; and many other trace minerals.

2) GOT GAS?:

Dandelion is particularly useful in animals who have a chronic problem with indigestion and gas.


Dandelion is a safe but powerful diuretic. Diuretics promote urine elimination; normal urination is critical to health. Congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, arthritis, gall bladder disease, kidney stone – these are all imbalances resulting from the body’s inability to eliminate water and/or accumulated excesses.


Dandelion root is a safe, reliable liver tonic. The liver is the primary filtering organ of the body, responsible for removing toxins and excesses from the blood for elimination via the kidneys. **If you don’t think your dog needs liver cleansing, think again! We live in a chemical-filled world, and our dogs’ paws and noses are always on the ground. My dogs get a two-week liver cleanse with dandelion several times a year.


The fructose in dandelion helps to maintain blood sugar levels, while the liver stimulating/diuretic actions of the root improves kidney function and the assimilation of needed nutrients. Many herbalists also believe that dandelion root strengthens pancreatic function; an action that may prove very beneficial in the maintenance of diabetic animals.


The best way to administer dandelion to your dog or cat is through a tincture professionally prepared for pets. Our favorite dandelion product is “Liver Defense” by Animal Essentials… available at both Lovable Pets locations.


Source:  https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/care/recognizing-dandelions-herbal-benefits-to-dogs/ by Greg Tilford