Time to Boost Your Dog’s Immunity: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

By: Ellie Hansen


Some heartbreaking moments on the job at Lovable Pets are those when someone comes in looking for immunity supplements for their dog who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I see and feel the owner’s pain and fear as they are consumed with concern for their beloved canine family member.

I am a perpetual optimist, and always believe there is some supplement and/or food I can suggest to help sick dogs rally, heal, and at the very least, feel better regardless of the illness presented.

Last year a couple came into Lovable Pets with their two little dogs. Normally healthy dogs, one of them was now mostly hairless and covered in sores from head to toe. A bad reaction from a rabies vaccination caused the dog to have a severe autoimmune disease. High doses of steroids were just barely working, and the couple was distraught.

I suggested that they switch their dog off a prescription dry food to a raw diet and raw goat milk. A bit hesitant at first, they decided they had nothing to lose and agreed. I mentioned that a healthy immune system begins with the best, bioavailable nutrition—meaning food is easily absorbed and utilized by the body.  A dog’s body needs energy to fight sickness…it shouldn’t have to struggle to break down inferior and unnecessary ingredients. This becomes even more important for a dog that is ill.

About a month later I saw the couple and the little dog again. Most of his sores were gone and his hair was growing back! They were even able to reduce his steroids by half.

We are often not aware how important a strong immune system is until something has gone wrong. It’s much easier to stay ahead of the game and make “immunity” a basic part of your dog’s daily health regimen. Here are five things you can start right away:


  1. Feed a nutritious food that meets your dog’s specific needs.

This might change often throughout your dog’s lifetime. **Stay away from foods that have these ingredients, especially as the first ingredients:  Corn Starch, Brewers Rice, Whole Grain Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Soybean Oil, Meat By-Products, and any Artificial Colors or Preservatives (BHT, BHA). Many prescription diets include these ingredients.

  1. Add a supplement to your dog’s food that is known to increase immunity.

Whole food vitamins, medicinal mushrooms, and probiotics are top choices for this. Lovable Pets stocks all of these so you have lots to choose from.

  1. Boost immunity after a vaccine.

Routine vaccinations can be hard on a dog’s immune system. Giving your dog a homeopathic remedy called “Anti-Vaccinosis” by Adored Beast after a vaccine can offset any harmful effects. Anti-Vaccinosis is available at Lovable Pets.

  1. Consider using natural flea and tick preventatives.

Chemical  flea and tick products put a pesticide into your dog’s bloodstream for months, which can have many harmful side effects. Ask us about natural alternatives.

  1. Eliminate harmful chemicals like cleaning products and weed killer in and around your home.

Lawn chemicals have been shown to cause cancer. There are many natural, cruelty-free cleaning products available on the market today. So ditch the chemicals. They are not healthy for your dog, you, or the environment.


As always, we are always happy to answer any questions, and help you pick a supplement and food for your dog. Cheers to immunity!