A New Way to Love Pets

It has been more than 13 years since Lovable Pets first welcomed the pets of Billings, MT through its doors.

It all began with Ellie’s intense love of animals. She wanted to create a place where people could spend time together, watch their dogs enjoy a fancy bakery treat, and be in the moment (a skill we learn best from our pets.)

The business grew. First, Max became part of the family, inspiring Ellie to learn about pet nutrition. Back from serving our country, Jeremy brought business insight and innovation to the mix. Soon, they needed employees and they sought out others who loved helping pets the same way they did. They added a pet wash, then a full-service grooming salon.

Now, they offer more products and services than ever at their two beautiful store locations. But what hasn’t changed is the love. The mission is still the same:

“To improve the quality of life of animals everywhere through an unfailing dedication to providing only safe and healthy products; open, honest and excellent services; and loving gentle attention for all animals in our presence and under our care.”

We begin our blog with that same goal in mind, because with growth comes the need for re-centering. This blog is a place to share our experiences, recommendations, and resources. It’s a place to celebrate the vibrant pet community blooming in Billings. Most importantly, it’s a place to share who we are—where you can learn about the minds that carefully research our products and the hands that care for your pets during their time with us.

We’ll post a series of “Getting to Know Us” pieces, which will introduce our wonderful staff. Ellie’s “Notes From the Field” will be continuing here. We will interview other local pet professionals, highlight adoptable pets from local shelters, and keep you up to date on events and special offers in our stores.

We would also love to hear from you to find out what you’d like to see featured here. You can use the Contact page on this site, message us on social media, or simply mention your ideas the next time you stop by the store.

To us, this blog is another way to love pets. And we can’t wait to get started!