Green Juju

One of owner Ellie Hansen’s favorite products in our store is Green JuJu.

Green JuJu was created by Kelley Marian when her dog Bailey was diagnosed with cancer. Bailey needed an amputation but was not healthy enough to undergo the surgery. So, Kelley set out to boost Bailey’s immune system using the same foods that Kelley used for her own health. The resulting supplement was made up of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, blended so as to allow a dog’s body to absorb the nutrients, and mixed with bone broth. Kelley managed to keep Bailey’s cancer from spreading for a year and brought Bailey back to health so that she could successfully undergo her operation. Read the full story here.

We carry both Bailey’s Blend and Just Greens in our freezers. They are moisture-rich, antioxidant-filled supplements that are easy to add to your dog’s current diet. (Check out our recent blog on moisture in a pet’s diet to learn why that’s important!)

You can learn more at or check it out in either of our stores. As always, we’re happy to answer any questions!