Animal Essentials Senior Support

Supplement Spotlight:


Animal Essentials – Senior Support
This is a great product with AMAZING benefits for our older four-legged family members who may need a little pick me up, or even just daily maintenance. The best thing about using tinctures as supplements is that they can transmit their active components to the bloodstream quickly through the lining of the mouth. The effects can come on in 15-30 minutes.
Senior Support Blend Ingredients
  • Alfalfa – has an alkalinizing effect to help balance overly acidic urine, which can cause irritation and other urinary issues in dogs.
  • Dandelion root & leaf – great for promoting healthy liver functions and removing toxins from the bloodstream and kidneys.
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaf – promotes healthy brain and cognitive functions. With age the brain sometimes slows down and ginkgo helps keep our furry family member on top of their game with a sharp mind.
  • Hawthorn Berry –  a stellar supplement to protect against heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • Oat flowering tops –  full of antioxidants
  • Marshmallow Root – aids in reducing inflammation as well as soothing the gut and protecting against ulcers
  • Garlic –  has antiseptic, anti fungal, and antimicrobial properties.
Animal Essentials Senior Support takes all these amazing Herbs and puts them together in a tincture. Our seniors have provided us with years of joy and adventures. That doesn’t need to stop! This tincture allows them to continue having experiences and adventures without age holding them back.


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By: Chris Caruço