Brain Awake by Animal Essentials

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Support for the Aging Pet Brain As our pet’s get older, their brains age along with their bodies. In the same way that they may need support for their joints or kidney function, a supplement for cognitive health could greatly improve quality of life.   Herbal Supplementation Brain Awake by Animal Essentials is one such […]

Featured Supplement: Zesty Paws Aller-Immune

Seasonal Allergies in Dogs Did you know that dogs can have seasonal allergies? Symptoms can range from watery eyes, to excessive scratching, to chewing/licking paws. There are supplements available to help ease the symptoms of allergies in dogs, without suppressing the immune system. One of these products is Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites!   This popular […]

Heart Health Supplements

Valentine’s week seems like the perfect time to talk about heart health!   Just like in humans, a healthy, species-appropriate diet and exercise can help maintain heart health in dogs. But if your pet is older, or has heart issues, extra supplementation can be helpful. Many of our senior pet supplements support heart health, but […]

Featured Supplement: Bone Broth

You may have noticed bone broth in our freezers and on our shelves and wondered what it was all about. Bone broth does more than make food more palatable to our furry friends; it has many health benefits as well. We hope to answer some of the most common questions we hear about bone broth […]

Featured Supplement: Purrgurt

Cats tend not to drink enough. This lack of adequate moisture makes it harder for their bodies to process dry kibble. Lack of moisture is one of main reasons why an alarming number of cats develop urinary tract issues and kidney disease.   The best thing we can do to prevent this is to feed […]

Featured Supplement: Kidney Support Gold by Pet Wellbeing

Kidney disease is a very common ailment our household pets face. Therefore one of the most frequent conversations we have with our customers is about kidney health recommendations.   Generally, there are two things we recommend for pets with kidney issues: Moisture Foods with low phosphorus levels   A third recommendation could be the careful […]

Pet Photos with Santa

pet photos with santa

Join us on Sunday, December 5th between 11 AM and 3 PM to get your pet photos with Santa Claus taken at Lovable Pets West (4010 MT Sapphire Drive.) Cost is a donation of any size to Pooch’z B & B, a local non-profit retirement home for senior dogs. You’ll get a digital photo to […]

Black Friday/ Small Biz Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Join us November 26th – 28th for some amazing Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deals through our ASTRO loyalty program! Then, stick around and search for one of these cuties! These figurines are hidden throughout both stores and are worth a percentage off your total purchase! (Psst! Mittens the black cat is worth 30% OFF!) Simply […]

Product Highlight: Green Juju

A conversation with Lovable Pets Owner Ellie Hansen on our product of the week: GREEN JUJU. The best experience is personal experience and Ellie’s dogs Marty, age 13; Eddie, age 15; and Gavin (in photo), age 6, are her product test dogs. If you could add a few spoonfuls of cancer-fighting ingredients to your dog’s […]

7 Tips for a Pet-Safe July 4th

For many pets, Independence Day and the days surrounding it are the most stressful time of the year. It’s hot, busy, and the world is exploding at night! (Often in spite of fireworks bans.) Since we can’t explain to our pets that the fireworks are celebratory and not threatening, here are some ways to help […]