Brain Awake by Animal Essentials

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Support for the Aging Pet Brain

As our pet’s get older, their brains age along with their bodies. In the same way that they may need support for their joints or kidney function, a supplement for cognitive health could greatly improve quality of life.


Herbal Supplementation

Brain Awake by Animal Essentials is one such supplement. We love to promote Animal Essentials at Lovable Pets. The company started out in Montana and we have sold their products for many years. We get excellent feedback on the efficacy of their herbal supplements from our customers. Our staff also use many of these products regularly.

What Makes Brain Awake Work?

  • Bacopa monierii
    • This creeping herb reduces anxiety and boosts brain function. (1)
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
    • Protects against dementia and reduces stress. (2)
  • Ginkgo biloba
    • These leaves improve blood flow to the brain and boost memory and cognitive speed. (3)
  • Gotu kola
    • This perennial plant fights mental fatigue.(4)


Brain Awake is safe for use in dogs and cats. It is a tincture that can be given over food or directly into the mouth. As with any supplement, we recommend consulting your vet to ensure there won’t be any interactions with any other medications or treatments your pet is using/undergoing. To find out more about Brain Awake or any other Animal Essentials Formula, visit their website. We’re always happy to answer questions about any of our products at either store  from 9-7, 7 days a week. We have stores on Grand Ave and Sapphire Drive


If you give this one a try, let us know how it works! We always love getting feedback on our products.