Featured Supplement: Probiotics/Gut Health

Aside from food, shelter, and love, our fur-babies’ gut health is one of the most precious things we can give to them. It is our main responsibilities as pet parents to keep our dogs and cats  happy and healthy. What is gut health? Just like how it works for us, our furbabies’ gut is the […]

Heart Health Supplements

Valentine’s week seems like the perfect time to talk about heart health!   Just like in humans, a healthy, species-appropriate diet and exercise can help maintain heart health in dogs. But if your pet is older, or has heart issues, extra supplementation can be helpful. Many of our senior pet supplements support heart health, but […]

Featured Supplement: Bone Broth

You may have noticed bone broth in our freezers and on our shelves and wondered what it was all about. Bone broth does more than make food more palatable to our furry friends; it has many health benefits as well. We hope to answer some of the most common questions we hear about bone broth […]

Featured Supplement: Purrgurt

Cats tend not to drink enough. This lack of adequate moisture makes it harder for their bodies to process dry kibble. Lack of moisture is one of main reasons why an alarming number of cats develop urinary tract issues and kidney disease.   The best thing we can do to prevent this is to feed […]

Product Highlight: Green Juju

A conversation with Lovable Pets Owner Ellie Hansen on our product of the week: GREEN JUJU. The best experience is personal experience and Ellie’s dogs Marty, age 13; Eddie, age 15; and Gavin (in photo), age 6, are her product test dogs. If you could add a few spoonfuls of cancer-fighting ingredients to your dog’s […]

5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Your Dog Dandelion… Seriously!

By Ellie Hansen You know that pesky yellow flower called the dandelion that likes to take over your lawn? Well, it turns out that this plant simply does not get the respect it deserves. Not only are dandelion flowers a great source of nourishment for honey bees, but this plant’s nutritional qualities for humans have […]

What are the Hansen Dogs Eating this Week?

By: Ellie Hansen I am often asked by customers “What do you feed your dogs?” I have four dogs and three of them are seniors. The truth is their meals vary from day to day, and week to week. Can you imagine eating chicken for every meal for the rest of your life? I can’t! […]

Why Probiotics For Dogs Can Benefit Them At Any Age

probiotics for dogs

By: Ellie Hansen Over the years I have come to view probiotics as my own personal army against illness. If I keep my army healthy and happy, then they will help defend my body against hostile marauders such as bad bacteria, harmful viruses, and injurious parasites. The same goes for my dogs and yours, too. […]

Green Juju

One of owner Ellie Hansen’s favorite products in our store is Green JuJu. Green JuJu was created by Kelley Marian when her dog Bailey was diagnosed with cancer. Bailey needed an amputation but was not healthy enough to undergo the surgery. So, Kelley set out to boost Bailey’s immune system using the same foods that […]

Moisture and Your Pet’s Diet

Isn’t pet kibble just so convenient? Our staff has had more than one conversation among ourselves about how nice it would be to have a complete, healthy diet ready to pour into a bowl and eat whenever we’re hungry. So much easier than planning a meal! Unfortunately, that’s not how we’re designed to get our […]