How Owner Ellie Hansen is Helping Dogs in Research Labs

On your visits to Lovable Pets, perhaps you have met Marty and Eddie. Marty is a lemon beagle and Eddie is a half-beagle with no hair. Both were adopted by Ellie Hansen, owner of Lovable Pets. Both were rescued from scientific research laboratories. We know that Marty came from a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Colorado […]

Four Safe Places Until Home: A Rescue Dog Journey

By: Ellie Hansen and “Gavin”   My name is Gavin! I am a rescue dog and adopted in July by Ellie and Jeremy Hansen, the owners of Lovable Pets. Here’s my story… I had a pretty terrible life before. Even though I’m just a little guy, I was an “outside” dog belonging to someone on […]

Notes From the Field: Volunteering with BHA

By: Ellie Hansen A few weeks ago, I headed to the Carbon County area for the second time as a volunteer to help the Beartooth Humane Alliance in their care of 60+ Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who were rescued from an alleged puppy mill operation this August. While I would love to show you photos […]

Notes From the Field: Prison Paws and Animal Testing

By: Ellie Hansen Today I was once again invited to be a speaker at the Montana Women’s Prison for the inmates who are part of the Prison Paws Program. This time I was accompanied by my two beagles Marty and Eddie. We were invited to help educate the ladies on the issues of animal testing. […]

Notes From The Field: To Prison We Went

By: Ellie Hansen Today Rae (Lovable Pets Head Groomer) and I were guest speakers at the Montana Women’s Prison here in Billings. We spoke specifically with the women who are part of the “Prison Paws Program” in which inmates learn how to train dogs through positive reinforcement methods. Here the inmates also learn about dog […]