Featured Supplement: Brain Awake

Brain Awake

Featured Supplement: Brain Awake Tincture This is a wonderful tincture with amazing benefits! What makes this a great supplement for your furry family member is the ingredients and what they do. Now have you your self ever had a day or moment where brain fog was just there? Well it may come as a surprise […]

Alternative Treatment Options for Dogs With Kidney Disease

Photo of 14 year old Beagle with Kidney Disease

Holistic Treatment for Kidney Disease in Dogs By: Ellie Hansen When a senior dog is diagnosed with kidney disease, it is easy to fear what may lie ahead. Traditional or conventional veterinary medicine has little to offer other than prescription diets which are lacking in the nutrition a dog with kidney disease actually needs. My […]

Featured Supplement: Milk Thistle

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Milk Thistle Can Support Healthy Liver Function in Dogs and Cats   When blood leaves your pet’s digestive system, it passes through the liver for filtration. This helps them to metabolize nutrients and filter out toxins. So it’s pretty obvious that a healthy liver is important for a healthy cat or dog.    Why Would […]

Featured Supplement: Tinkle Tonic

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How Can Tinkle Tonic Help Your Pet?   One of our long-time, most-trusted companies, Animal Essentials, offers a customer favorite herbal tincture called Tinkle Tonic. This supplement has been described as a “life-saver” by users. It supports a healthy urinary tract with a formula that is gentle on the stomach. Our customers use this for […]

Brain Awake by Animal Essentials

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Support for the Aging Pet Brain As our pet’s get older, their brains age along with their bodies. In the same way that they may need support for their joints or kidney function, a supplement for cognitive health could greatly improve quality of life.   Herbal Supplementation Brain Awake by Animal Essentials is one such […]

Animal Essentials Senior Support

Supplement Spotlight:   Animal Essentials – Senior Support This is a great product with AMAZING benefits for our older four-legged family members who may need a little pick me up, or even just daily maintenance. The best thing about using tinctures as supplements is that they can transmit their active components to the bloodstream quickly […]

Senior Series – Golden Years from Aldaron Essences

If there’s a senior pet in your family, keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we launch a series of blog posts on the best products and practices to keep your elderly dog or cat healthy and happy. Golden Years Our first featured product is “Golden Years” from Aldaron Essences. This is […]

Eddie’s Story – O’Paws Advanced Mobility Supplement

  Our staff and customers absolutely love O’Paws Advanced Mobility from Oma’s Pride! It is our favorite joint supplement and one of our best sellers, for good reason! Check it out next time you’re in either store: Grand or Shiloh. Or give us a call with further questions! Eddie’s Hero Dog Brace was also a huge […]

Senior Support Supplement by Animal Essentials

Today we’re highlighting Senior Support by Animal Essentials. This wonderful combination of certified organic herbs can help keep your aging dog or cat healthy by supporting their digestive tract, urinary tract, circulatory system, and brain. This is one of those supplements meant to be given before your senior pet begins to have age related issues […]

2019 Holiday Donations for Tails as Old As Time

Senior dogs lose their homes for many reasons. Sometimes their people can no longer afford to care for them or are forced to move and cannot bring them along. Sometimes they are owned by senior humans who pass on or enter assisted living facilities where their beloved pets cannot follow. Whatever the reason, senior dogs […]