Time to Boost Your Dog’s Immunity: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

By: Ellie Hansen   Some heartbreaking moments on the job at Lovable Pets are those when someone comes in looking for immunity supplements for their dog who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I see and feel the owner’s pain and fear as they are consumed with concern for their beloved canine family member. I […]

5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Your Dog Dandelion… Seriously!

By Ellie Hansen You know that pesky yellow flower called the dandelion that likes to take over your lawn? Well, it turns out that this plant simply does not get the respect it deserves. Not only are dandelion flowers a great source of nourishment for honey bees, but this plant’s nutritional qualities for humans have […]

Product Highlight: AminAvast

AminAvast is one of our favorite supplements and it is often overlooked. For those pets who need it and the owners who love them, it is a blessing. AminAvast is a supplement that supports kidney function, particularly in aging pets or those with kidney disease. It is a great complement to arestricted protein diet. Although […]