Featured Supplement – Clear Allerqi by Herbsmith

We absolutely love our Herbsmith supplements, but Clear Allerqi has had amazing feedback from our customers!

Check out Herbsmith’s video on how allergies work:


This formula is great for environmental allergies.

It includes:

  • Herbs that drain heat (heat causes the redness and itching)
    • Scutellaria
    • Plantago
    • Alisma
    • Gardenia
    • Gentian Root
  • Herbs that protect the body’s fluids (fluids being used up in ear/eye discharge and greasy coat)
    • Rehmannia Root
    • Angelica
    • Longan Fruit
    • Jujube Seed
  • Herbs that calm the spirit (relieve stress caused by the symptoms)
    • Longan Fruit
    • Jujube Seed

Herbsmith’s website has further information!


FAQs about this product:


Why use this over Benadryl or a steroid?

You can avoid side effects from Benadryl such as drowsiness. Meanwhile, steroids work through suppressing the immune system and while this can be helpful short term, over time it can put your pet at risk. Allergies usually stick around or resurface annually. Clear Allerqi works on the root of the problem – not just treating the symptoms.


Clear Allerqi is available in powder and tablet form. Ask us about this or any of our supplements any time! You can all our Grand location (406-254-9332) or our Shiloh location (406-606-2015) or stop in between 9 AM and 7 PM, 7 days a week! Or even ask us here!