Featured Supplement: Milk Thistle

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Milk Thistle Can Support Healthy Liver Function in Dogs and Cats


When blood leaves your pet’s digestive system, it passes through the liver for filtration. This helps them to metabolize nutrients and filter out toxins. So it’s pretty obvious that a healthy liver is important for a healthy cat or dog. 


Why Would Your Pet Need Milk Thistle?


There are several things that can go wrong with the liver: cirrhosis, jaundice, gallbladder disorder, and toxin-induced liver damage to name a few. Milk thistle can help if you get one of these unhappy diagnoses.


Is Milk Thistle the Same as Silymarin?


The name silymarin is sometimes used interchangeably with milk thistle, but it is slightly different. Silymarin is extracted from the seed of the milk thistle and is the most potent part of the plant. It is a powerful antioxidant. Research has begun into the effectiveness of silymarin in cancer treatments. Until more is discovered on that front however, choosing a milk thistle supplement with silymarin from a trusted company is important.


How Does it Work?


Milk Thistle is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which allows it to detox and soothe the liver. It also helps with cellular repair. (1)


How is it Given?


We carry Animal Essentials Milk Thistle in both a capsule and tincture. Either product is safe for use in dogs and cats – though not while they are pregnant or nursing. 


As with any supplement, we recommend consulting your veterinarian in case of any potential interactions with other medications or treatments. 


We’re always happy to talk about this or any of our supplements at either store location – at 1313 Grand Ave or 4010 MT Sapphire Dr. We’re open 9-7, 7 days a week!





(1) https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/milk-thistle-or-silymarin