Featured Supplement: Purrgurt

Cats tend not to drink enough. This lack of adequate moisture makes it harder for their bodies to process dry kibble. Lack of moisture is one of main reasons why an alarming number of cats develop urinary tract issues and kidney disease.


The best thing we can do to prevent this is to feed a high-moisture diet (canned or raw.) We can also supplement moisture with goat’s milk or bone broth. 


Steve’s Real Food, the makers of Quest raw food for cats, make a wonderful supplement called Purrgurt


The base of the formula is goat’s milk which is easily digestible. (Goat’s milk has smaller fat molecules than cow’s milk.) It can be added to any food so long as the cat eats the meal entirely or you can refrigerate any uneaten portion. 


Purrgurt also contains:


  • Red krill – strengthens the immune system
  • Coconut flour – a novel source of fiber for taste and texture
  • Beet Root – mineral-rich, anti-inflammatory, safe fiber source
  • Salmon Oil – provides omega-3s
  • L-Lysine – supports the immune system
  • Couch Grass – anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory
  • Nettle – supports the immune system
  • Mullein Leaf – supports the immune system
  • Marshmallow Root – lubricates and protects the urinary tract


Purrgurt is also beneficial for cats with feline herpes, respiratory issues, and IBD. Find out more about this supplement on the Steve’s website or feel free to ask us about it in store. We’re open 9-7, 7 days a week on Grand Ave. and MT Sapphire Drive