Lovable, Adoptable Pet of the Month – February

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this month’s Lovable (& Adoptable) pet is Lily! Lily is available through Rimrock Humane Society and is being fostered in Billings.

Lily is 6 year old sight hound mix. Her foster mom thinks she most closely resembles an Afghan Hound. She weighs around 70 pounds.

Lily is confident and obedient. She enjoys being a couch potato between outdoor activities. She has a low to moderate activity level.

She gets along well with dogs and cats in the house but when outdoors, like most sighthounds, she will chase small animals.

Lily is not a heavy shedder but her lovely coat is prone to collecting twigs and other souvenirs from her outdoor adventures, so she requires brushing every other day.

Lily takes Proin (for spay incontinence) twice daily and a joint supplement. She takes her medication easily without fuss. She needs a grain free diet.

Lily is crate trained for when she is alone during the day due to a cat-like obsession with moving lights.

Lily is a wonderful, friendly dog who would do best in a quiet home.

To find out more about Lily, contact them HERE. If you don’t think yours is the right home for Lily, please give this blog a share! Let’s find Lily a home!

Lily’s lovely photos were taken by Lex Wright Photography!