Tyee Lovable Pets Founder

Tyee is currently retired.  He still accompanies his family to work and loves getting lots of treats.  As the original founder and protector of Lovable Pets, you can thank Tyee for us being here in the first place.  His name “Tyee” means “Chief” in Native American language.  Who knew when we got him as a puppy how this name would be so true.

Max Director of Doggie Relations

Our beagle Max has held this position at Lovable Pets for 10 years now, and he has become very well known by just about everyone.  He still likes to howl “welcome” every morning to visitors.  By afternoon you can find him asleep in one of the dog beds by the cash register.  In his free time, Max likes to go for walks and sniff stuff out.  Of course, chasing rabbits is his favorite thing in the world!  He never seems to run out of energy even at age 10 (it must be all the good food he gets from Lovable Pets).  All dogs love Max–he really lives up to his prestigious title.

Marty Vice President of Customer Service

Marty the beagle joined the Lovable Pets team in 2014 at the age of six. His story is quite remarkable given his rocky past. He spent the first six years of his life in a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Colorado where he was used to test drugs. As a result of this terrible life, he was quite traumatized when he was finally released from the research facility. Imagine living in a cage your whole life, never seeing the sunshine, or being outside? Marty had to learn how to start his life all over again in a whole new world. With the help of an amazing rescue organization called Kindness Ranch located in Wyoming, and his new Lovable Pets family, Marty emerged from his past tail wagging high, proud, forgiving and kind. Marty has also become quite a celebrity. He was featured in articles in Animal Wellness Magazine (2015), Yellowstone Valley Woman (2016), and All Animals (2016). He also regularly attends local events for The Humane Society of the United States advocating for “cruelty-free products” with his Mom Ellie. Marty has big plans to help end animal testing one day!

Eddie Supervisor of Sales

Eddie is a beagle mix and he joined the Lovable Pets staff in 2014.  Eddie was rescued from life in a research laboratory where he spent the first eight years of his life.  He’s living the good life with us now and that’s what matters most!  What can we say about Eddie…well, he is one unique and awesome dude!  Besides being a gentle soul, he is very intelligent and is always thinking and observing.  You can hear many customers say “Where’s Eddie?” when they walk in the door.  On his days off, Eddie loves going for walks.  Walking outside and rolling in the grass are his favorite things in the whole world, so we make sure he gets to do that a lot.

Ellie Hansen President of Pet Happiness

Ellie started the Lovable Pets business back in 2006 as a small doggie bakery. As the years have passed, while Lovable Pets has grown, she has continued to make it her life mission to make pets happy and healthy (hence her very business-like title). One of her favorite daily tasks is to greet the four-legged guests who come to visit. She is also in charge of purchasing all the food, toys, and other goodies that you will find at Lovable Pets. She has four dogs: Tyee, the rat terrier; Max, the outspoken beagle; Marty, another beagle who was rescued from a research laboratory in 2014; and Eddie, a beagle mix who was also rescued from a research laboratory in 2014. In her free time, Ellie volunteers for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and is currently the HSUS District Leader for Billings, where she works to promote legislation that protects animals. She is also an outspoken advocate against animal testing, and recently had an article published in Animal Wellness Magazine (April/May 2015) about her experience rehabilitating her rescued laboratory research beagle Marty. Ellie loves spending time with her horse Melody, too, and of course her wonderful husband and business partner Jeremy, who is always there to support all her goals and dreams.

Jeremy Hansen Chief Bone Counter

Since Jeremy was a kid he has always been an entrepreneur. He started his business career mowing lawns and shoveling sidewalks as a boy. Knowing that he always wanted to own a business, he obtained his business degree in Business Finance and co-owns Lovable Pets with his loving, great business partner, and wife Ellie. Lovable Pets has been his biggest life challenge, but the most rewarding. His favorite part of Lovable Pets is working with very talented, hard working, creative and fun people that love being at work with each other. It’s not uncommon to see them at work on their days off. So if you come in and see Jeremy smiling it’s because life doesn’t get any better than working with great people, great customers and great pets on a daily basis.

Rae Traver, NCMG Chief Choreographer of Wet Dogs & Fur Styling

Rae has been grooming since 2002 and has had the opportunity to learn techniques at five salons across the Northwest. She originally learned the trade at the Alaska SPCA, in her home state, and migrated to Montana to get a degree in Equestrian Studies from Rocky Mountain College. She enjoys spending huge amounts of time perfecting her art through continued education and has had the opportunity to compete, earning a third in the poodle class. She is currently a Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NADGAA). She competes in a variety of dog sports with her dogs Mighite, Zulu, Ryelie, and Kenai, all of whom can be seen gracing the big arm chair in grooming while working hard at their advertising jobs (a.k.a. looking beautiful). She also has an Appaloosa, Azure, who enjoys traveling to local shows where she pretends to be amazing (and sometimes is!)

Riley Field Healthy, Happy Pets Associate

Since joining the team at Lovable Pets in 2012, Riley has been able to expand upon her keen interest in animal nutrition. She is in fact our resident nutrition guru!  She plans on competing in dog sports with her Standard Poodle Nami.  In her free time she loves hiking with Nami and giving her lots of baths and grooming sessions to keep her looking as a poodle rightfully should.  Riley is also tolerated by her three chinchillas Caboose, Miette, and Leeloo.

Jess Tippett Canine Fur Stylist

Jess started grooming in 2008. She apprenticed under Rae for three years and has continued her learning through conferences and workshops. She will be working towards her Master Groomer Certificate through National Dog Groomers Association of America (NADGAA) beginning in 2015. Jess’s two dogs Sera, the standard poodle and Finn, the miniature schnauzer love to keep her company at work. Finn is our professional door bell while Sera is always ready to welcome her adoring fans at all times. Jess spends a lot of time traveling back and forth from her home town of Sidney where she gets to spend time with her family (and two more schnauzers! Are we seeing a trend?)

Rosanne Bailey, NCG Canine Fur Stylist

Rosanne joined the Lovable Pets team in 2012. She obtained her National Certified Sporting Groomer title 2015 and is continuing to work towards her Master Groomer Certification.  Rosanne really enjoys Asian Fusion Modern grooming and loves to be creative and try new styles.  Rosanne has an extensive furry family consisting of 4 cats: Moon, Phyrexia, Ein, and Asuka.  She also has a border collie mix named Panda and recently adopted an Australian Cattle dog from Rimrock Humane Society named Vivi.  Rosanne enjoys hiking with Panda and Vivi in her hometown of West Yellowstone, MT.  She has also started hiking with her co-workers and hopes to start backpacking with them and all their dogs in the summer.

Britney Doely, CFMG Feline Fur Stylist

Britney has been with the Lovable Pets Grooming Salon for three years and is our Certified Master Cat Groomer (CFMG), as well as dog bather and groomer.  There are only two CFMGs in the state of Montana.  Britney earned her certification in 2014, and watching her groom cats has been described as “ninja-like.”  In addition to her love for grooming kitties, Britney is passionate about animal rescue and welfare.  She has fostered for Rimrock Humane Society several times, and has several rescued pets as well.  Her furry family includes her dogs Abby, Piper, Spi, Pixel, and kitties Butters and Princess.  Britney loves her kitty clients and is always excited to help them live their healthiest, happiest lives.