Ellie Hansen Founder and CEO

Ellie Hansen is the founder and CEO of Lovable Pets. She is a District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and a member of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team.

Ellie is also an award-winning author. Her books include Fly to Me: Extraordinary Lessons of Life and Death from a Little Dog and Not Forgotten: Saving Laboratory Research Dogs (2021).

Native to New Jersey, Ellie moved to Montana after a brief vacation made her realize that “Montana was home.” She lives on a micro urban farm in Billings with her husband and is unabashedly owned by three dogs, one horse, and three chickens.

When Ellie is not working, writing or herding chickens, she enjoys the practice of yoga, exploring the Montana countryside on foot or cross-country skis, and sailing.

Zachary Marman, Healthy Happy Pets Associate

Zachary Marman Healthy, Happy Pets Associate

Zach has been part of the Lovable Pets team for seven years.  He likes to joke with people saying “I walked in here seven years ago to buy a pupcake and never left.”  Zach has always enjoyed working with people and is driven to research everything 10 times more than he should—making his job at Lovable Pets a perfect fit.  Since Zach started working at Lovable Pets, he has started a family which includes two boys.  In his free time Zach likes to collect art and hang out with his family and two dogs, Harley and Nova.

Rae Traver, NCMG, Chief Choreographer of Wet Dogs & Fur Styling

Rae Traver, NCMG Chief Choreographer of Wet Dogs & Fur Styling

Rae helped build Lovable Pets’ first grooming salon over ten years ago, and she has been grooming here ever since.  Rae has been grooming since 2002 and has had the opportunity to learn techniques at five salons across the Northwest. She originally learned the trade at the Alaska SPCA, in her home state, and migrated to Montana to get a degree in Equestrian Studies from Rocky Mountain College. She enjoys spending huge amounts of time perfecting her art through continued education and has had the opportunity to compete, earning a third in the poodle class. She is currently a Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NADGAA). She competes in a variety of dog sports including conformation, nosework, agility, obedience, dock diving, and herding with her dogs Zulu, Kenai, and Brekka, all of whom can be seen gracing the big armchair in grooming while working hard at their advertising jobs (a.k.a. looking beautiful). She also has an Appaloosa, Azure, who is currently helping teach young riders.

Britney Doely, CFMG, Feline Fur Stylist

Britney Doely, CFMG Feline Fur Stylist & Fluffer of Doggos

Britney is our Certified Feline Master Groomer. She has a way with cats and always sends them home feeling fabulous! She has two cats of her own and three dogs. She enjoys working at Lovable Pets not only because of the animals, but also for the understanding co-workers and flexible schedule that allows her to raise her beautiful family and foster animals for Rimrock Humane Society.

With a baby in the house, free time can be scarce, but she loves to travel with the family and spend time outdoors whenever she can.


Kristin Kolstad, Bather/Fluffer of Doggos

Kristin Radmore Bather/Fluffer of Doggos

Kristin absolutely adores animals. She has three cats–Johnny age 10, Oomph age 7, and Nixie age 3. Kristin has been grooming since 2002. In 2009 she took a break to raise her children. Kristin is so happy to get back into grooming with Lovable Pets, where she started working again in 2017. She says “I absolutely adore my job at Lovable Pets!” Kristin finds grooming very therapeutic and loves the transformation that takes place in each groom. She always tries to make pets as happy as she can. Occasionally you will hear her singing to the pups on her table, always trying to make it fun for them as well. Her goal is to help keep pets looking and smelling wonderful while working towards her Master Grooming Certificate. In her spare time Kristin enjoys spending time with her children and her husband Robert. She enjoys singing, writing and has her own online blog about cooking adventures. Her favorite breed is the Chihuahua and she is hoping soon to get one.

Max, Director of Doggie Relations


2006 – 2020

With us forever in spirit.

Marty, VP of Customer Service

Marty Vice President of Customer Service

Marty the beagle joined the Lovable Pets team in 2014 at the age of six. His story is quite remarkable given his rocky past. He spent the first six years of his life in a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Colorado where he was used to test drugs. As a result of this terrible life, he was quite traumatized when he was finally released from the research facility. Imagine living in a cage your whole life, never seeing the sunshine, or being outside? Marty had to learn how to start his life all over again in a whole new world. With the help of an amazing rescue organization called Kindness Ranch located in Wyoming, and his new family (Ellie & Jeremy Hansen-Lovable Pets Owners), Marty emerged from his past tail wagging high, proud, forgiving and kind. Marty has also become quite a celebrity. He was featured in articles in Animal Wellness Magazine (2015), Yellowstone Valley Woman (2016), and All Animals (2016).  Marty has big plans to help end animal testing one day!

Jeremy Hansen, Owner & Chief Bone Counter

Jeremy Hansen Chief Bone Counter

Since Jeremy was a kid he has always been an entrepreneur. He started his business career mowing lawns and shoveling sidewalks as a boy. Knowing that he always wanted to own a business, he obtained his degree in Business Finance and co-owns Lovable Pets with his loving, great business partner, and wife Ellie. Lovable Pets has been his biggest life challenge, but the most rewarding. His favorite part of Lovable Pets is working with very talented, hard-working, creative and fun people that love being at work with each other. So if you come in and see Jeremy smiling it’s because life doesn’t get any better than working with great people, great customers and great pets on a daily basis.  When Jeremy is not busy being our resident handy-man extraordinaire, Excel mastermind and number cruncher, he is avidly enjoying the outdoors of Montana including fishing, hunting and camping.

Megan Green, Healthy Happy Pets Associate

Megan Green Healthy, Happy Pets Associate (a.k.a Papillon Purist)

Megan has always had a love of animals, and even worked at Zoo Montana for a while, where she learned just how important daily enrichment is for all of our animals. She came to Lovable Pets to share her love of animal enrichment with everyone who visits. Megan has two show papillons, Simon and Ditto, as well as her mutt Payton and a household of other pets. In her free time she competes in a variety of dog sports, creates art of different animals, and gives her pets the best care she can.

Jessica Tippet, Fluffer of Doggoes

Jessica Tippett Fluffer of Doggos

Jess has been grooming dogs since 2008, and she has been part of the Lovable Pets grooming salon for nine years.  She says “I still can’t imagine a better job!”  Jess loves grooming older dogs and making sure that they are pretty, clean and comfortable.  Her favorite breed of dog is the miniature Schnauzer.  “I can relate to their sassy attitudes…mostly all bark but just enough sass,” Jess says.  She owns her own precious mini Schnauzer named Finn, whom she fondly calls “Gremlin.”  Finn is a great doorbell that she still does not know how to turn off after a few minutes of barking.  Jess also loves taking Finn out most mornings for an off-leash walk before work, and enjoys hiking in the summer and fall.


Elease Krueger, Fluffer of Doggos

Elease Krueger Fluffer of Doggos

Elease started working at Lovable Pets back in 2010.  In fact, she was one of their very first employees!  In 2012, Elease decided to pursue a career in grooming at PetSmart, where she received training.  Six years later, when a position became available in the grooming salon at Lovable Pets in 2018, she jumped at the chance.  Elease has a Bachelors Degree in Art.  She likes to joke, “I have chosen my medium and it is dog hair—so I guess I’m technically still using my degree.”  Elease loves grooming, and has a special place in her heart for grooming puppies, helping them to like it and not be scared of it.  Elease spends her free time busy with family activities, and loving and caring for her animals including dogs Annie, Wicket, and Appa, three cats, and backyard chickens.

Kylee Kromee, Bather/Groomer-in-Training

Kylee Kromee Bather/ Groomer-in-Training

Kylee joined the Lovable Pets team in 2015, working primarily as a bather of their furry clients. She is currently training under Rae Traver to become a groomer herself and one day earn the privilege of calling herself a Certified Master Groomer. Kylee has only one cat right now named Phantom, but has aspirations to grow her family to include more cats, a Husky, and even a Maltese or two.

Tyee, Chief and Founder of Lovable Pets



With Us Forever in Spirit

Eddie, Supervisor of Sales

Eddie Supervisor of Sales

Eddie is a beagle mix and he joined the Lovable Pets staff in 2014.  His story is also quite amazing given his tough history.  Eddie spent the first eight years of his life in a research laboratory.  As a result of this torturous life, Eddie was not the most trusting guy when we met him.  But with the love of his family (Ellie & Jeremy Hansen-Lovable Pets Owners), Eddie has learned to love being a dog. What else can we say about Eddie…well, he is one unique and awesome dude!  Besides being a gentle soul, he is very intelligent and is always thinking and observing.   He may look quiet and reserved at work, but at home he is quite a goof ball with tons of personality.  On his days off, Eddie loves going for walks, and he likes showing how fast he can run.  Rolling in the grass is one of his favorite things in the whole world, so we make sure he gets to do that a lot.