Notes From the Field: Volunteering with BHA

By: Ellie Hansen

A few weeks ago, I headed to the Carbon County area for the second time as a volunteer to help the Beartooth Humane Alliance in their care of 60+ Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who were rescued from an alleged puppy mill operation this August. While I would love to show you photos of cute puppies and adorable dogs, I cannot for legal and security reasons—so you are stuck with this lovely photo of Jeremy and me in the car on our way to the rescue site instead.volunteering with BHA

My post today is not to rant and rave about puppy mills, as I’m sure you may come to your own conclusions about this; it is to talk about how it takes a village to care for this many dogs.

Hidden in an undisclosed location, these beautiful dogs and puppies are getting the best care one could hope for in a situation like this. While I must remain secretive, I can talk about the fact that this village of volunteers brings a new light to the meaning of “community.” In a time when we humans are so divided by politics, religion, race, and country, animals always find a way to bring us together. To see volunteers both young and old working together around the clock for the pure sake of bringing joy, comfort, and safety to these dogs puts the meaning of life into a more simple perspective.

I will not lie. After four hours of playing, walking, and cleaning, I was exhausted and ready for a nap. On the drive back to Billings I thought of the volunteers who show up to help at the rescue facility day after day because they want to make things better. This is humanity in its truest form. When we help those who are in need, we access a part of ourselves that is called love.

For more information on this case click on the link below:

Monetary donations to help Carbon County pay for the care of the seized dogs can be made payable to BHA and mailed to Beartooth Humane Alliance, P.O. Box 2333, Red Lodge, MT 59068. Write “Dog Rescue” on the memo line. Also, contact BHA if you are interested in volunteering.