Hi, my name is Tyee…Rat Terrier Extraordinaire and Founder of Lovable Pets. I was also the Director of Doggie Security for the past 10 years but I recently retired from this position because I’m 12 years old now, and well, I like to sleep more than protect anything these days. I’m enjoying my retirement, and in my extra time I thought I’d write a brief history of Lovable Pets for all you new folks out there.

I was only two years old when Lovable Pets first opened. My Mom says that I was the inspiration for Lovable Pets. Back in New Jersey, where we moved from 11 years ago, every weekend my Mom would take me to the doggie bakery in town for special treats. We missed doing that here in Billings, because there wasn’t any place special to go for dogs. My prayers were answered when my Mom left her job to open Lovable Pets, the first dog bakery and all natural food store for pets in Billings. Many people didn’t think we would make it and stay in business. The road wasn’t always easy, and I watched my Mom cry sometimes in the back office because she loved this business so much and wanted it to succeed. I just stayed next to her and listened. In my own way, I told her I believed.

The secret to our success can be summed up in two words: teamwork and love. Even though I was a great help to my Mom, when my Dad Jeremy came to work at Lovable Pets, it was awesome because finally we could work as a team. Our team kept growing over the years, and now I have so many colleagues…some with two legs and lots with four! Also, I’ve come to discover that people in Billings and Montana are some of the most animal-loving people I have ever met. Our customers have become my friends over the years. I have said goodbye to old pets who have crossed over, and continue to welcome new ones. I still love coming to work with my Mom, even after all these years.

My own family has grown, too. My brother Max the Beagle was just a puppy when Lovable Pets opened. I have also recently acquired two more brothers, Marty and Eddie. They are also beagles. Sheesh…I don’t know why my Mom is so obsessed with beagles! Well actually, I have come to discover why. Marty and Eddie were rescued from research laboratories, and they had a pretty terrible life before I met them. So, I showed them the ropes about how to enjoy life and work at Lovable Pets. I think I did a pretty good job training those two!

I hope that when you visit Lovable Pets you can feel the love and joy of this place. Whatever you need, whether it’s the healthiest food you can find anywhere, an amazing haircut, organic hand-made bakery treats, or a cool new toy, I know you can find it here. Can’t wait to see you soon…