Product Highlight: Green Juju

A conversation with Lovable Pets Owner Ellie Hansen on our product of the week: GREEN JUJU.

The best experience is personal experience and Ellie’s dogs Marty, age 13; Eddie, age 15; and Gavin (in photo), age 6, are her product test dogs.

If you could add a few spoonfuls of cancer-fighting ingredients to your dog’s meal every day–easily and affordably–would you? Of course, everyone would! However, “knowing” what to add and having the time to make special foods for your dog isn’t always a reality. That’s where Green Juju can give you and your dog a helping hand.

Green Juju is a green smoothie that you simply spoon onto whatever your dog is eating. It complements any diet, even prescription diets, and can benefit dogs with various health problems. Fresh raw foods like Green Juju can help support the body in healing and provide nutrition to help your dog’s body cope with the stress associated with illness.

So what’s in Green Juju that is so spectacular?

*ALL ORGANIC:┬áCucumber, green cabbage, broccoli, turkey bone broth, cilantro, chard, coconut oil, blueberries, turmeric, and lemon. (Bailey’s Blend formula)

Worried that your picky eater may not eat it? Just mix it with a bit of canned or raw meat and your dog should scarf it right up. I’m a bit obsessed with raw and fresh foods for dogs, but that’s just because I see the benefits first hand, and I want my dogs to live a long, healthy life.

Good nutrition plays a big hand in that. See Green Juju for yourself and chat about it in person. 9-7, 7 days a week at our Grand Ave. or West locations.