Senior Series – Golden Years from Aldaron Essences

If there’s a senior pet in your family, keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we launch a series of blog posts on the best products and practices to keep your elderly dog or cat healthy and happy.

Golden Years

Our first featured product is “Golden Years” from Aldaron Essences. This is a Bach Flower Remedy that improves confidence, mental clarity, enthusiasm, and stamina in senior dogs.

What’s a Flower Remedy?

Bach Flower Remedies are homeopathic solutions made up of extreme dilutions of flower material. Originally developed by Edward Bach in the 1930s, they are used for humans as well as animals. “Golden Years” is a blend of Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Larch, Olive, Gorse, and Wild Rose flower essences.

How Does it Help?

Lovable Pets owner Ellie Hansen began giving her beagle Eddie “Golden Years” when she noticed his spirits taking a downturn. She quickly saw improvements. Eddie began to play with his favorite toy again – even playing tug-of-war which was something he hadn’t done in his younger years.

To learn more about “Golden Years” and the other flower remedies available from Aldaron Essences, stop by either store to chat with us. You can also learn more on their website HERE.

Keep a lookout for our further recommendations for those lovable senior pets!