Britney Doely, CFMG

Britney Doely, CFMG, Feline Fur Stylist

Britney has been with the Lovable Pets Grooming Salon for six years years and is our Certified Master Cat Groomer (CFMG), as well as a dog groomer.  There are only two CFMGs in the state of Montana.  Britney earned her certification in 2014, and watching her groom cats has been described as “ninja-like.”  In addition to her love for grooming kitties, Britney is passionate about animal rescue and welfare.  She has fostered for Rimrock Humane Society several times, and has several rescued pets as well.  Her furry family includes her dogs Abby, Piper, Spi, Pixel, and kitties Butters and Princess.  Britney loves her kitty clients and is always excited to help them live their healthiest, happiest lives.