Eddie, Supervisor of Sales

Eddie is a beagle mix and he joined the Lovable Pets staff in 2014.  His story is also quite amazing given his tough history.  Eddie spent the first eight years of his life in a research laboratory.  As a result of this torturous life, Eddie was not the most trusting guy when we met him.  But with the love of his family (Ellie & Jeremy Hansen-Lovable Pets Owners), Eddie has learned to love being a dog. What else can we say about Eddie…well, he is one unique and awesome dude!  Besides being a gentle soul, he is very intelligent and is always thinking and observing.   He may look quiet and reserved at work, but at home he is quite a goof ball with tons of personality.  On his days off, Eddie loves going for walks, and he likes showing how fast he can run.  Rolling in the grass is one of his favorite things in the whole world, so we make sure he gets to do that a lot.


-Our dearest Eddie crossed the rainbow bridge March 10th 2023-