Elease Krueger

Elease Krueger, Fluffer of Doggos

Elease started working at Lovable Pets back in 2010.  In fact, she was one of their very first employees!  In 2012, Elease decided to pursue a career in grooming at PetSmart, where she received training.  Six years later, when a position became available in the grooming salon at Lovable Pets in 2018, she jumped at the chance.  Elease has a Bachelors Degree in Art.  She likes to joke, “I have chosen my medium and it is dog hair—so I guess I’m technically still using my degree.”  Elease loves grooming, and has a special place in her heart for grooming puppies, helping them to like it and not be scared of it.  Elease spends her free time busy with family activities, and loving and caring for her animals including dogs Annie, Wicket, and Appa, three cats, and backyard chickens.