Elease Krueger, Fluffer of Doggos

Elease has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. She likes to joke, “I have chosen my medium and it is dog hair—so I guess I’m technically still using my degree.” Elease has been grooming since 2010 and has a special place in her heart for grooming puppies, helping them learn to like it and not be afraid. Elease loves Lovable Pets because she can bring her dogs along and all the staff are her friends. Elease spends her free time watching Disney and Pixar movies with her kids, hiking with her family, and loving and caring for her animals including dogs Wicket (super mutt extraordinaire) and Appa (Basset Hound,) cats Kimchi and Zuko, a bearded dragon named Delta, lots of fish, and backyard chickens. She also loves listening to books and music. Her favorite band is Shinedown and her favorite books are the Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robb.