Jessica Tippet, Fluffer of Doggoes

Jess has been grooming dogs since 2008, and she has been part of the Lovable Pets grooming salon for nine years. She says “I still can’t imagine a better job!”  Jess loves grooming older dogs and making sure that they are pretty, clean and comfortable. Her favorite breed of dog is the miniature Schnauzer. “I can relate to their sassy attitudes…mostly all bark but just enough sass,” Jess says. She owns her own precious mini Schnauzers:  Finn, whom she fondly calls “Gremlin” and Grimes. They’re great doorbells that she still does not know how to turn off after a few minutes of barking. Jess also loves taking the dogs out most mornings for an off-leash walk before work, and enjoys hiking in the summer and fall.