Kristin Radmore

Kristin Kolstad, Bather/Fluffer of Doggos

Kristin absolutely adores animals. She has three cats–Johnny age 10, Oomph age 7, and Nixie age 3. Kristin has been grooming since 2002. In 2009 she took a break to raise her children. Kristin is so happy to get back into grooming with Lovable Pets, where she started working again in 2017. She says “I absolutely adore my job at Lovable Pets!” Kristin finds grooming very therapeutic and loves the transformation that takes place in each groom. She always tries to make pets as happy as she can. Occasionally you will hear her singing to the pups on her table, always trying to make it fun for them as well. Her goal is to help keep pets looking and smelling wonderful while working towards her Master Grooming Certificate. In her spare time Kristin enjoys spending time with her children and her husband Robert. She enjoys singing, writing and has her own online blog about cooking adventures. Her favorite breed is the Chihuahua and she is hoping soon to get one.