Marty, VP of Customer Service

Marty the beagle joined the Lovable Pets team in 2014 at the age of six. His story is quite remarkable given his rocky past. He spent the first six years of his life in a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Colorado where he was used to test drugs. As a result of this terrible life, he was quite traumatized when he was finally released from the research facility. Imagine living in a cage your whole life, never seeing the sunshine, or being outside? Marty had to learn how to start his life all over again in a whole new world. With the help of an amazing rescue organization called Kindness Ranch located in Wyoming, and his new family (Ellie & Jeremy Hansen-Lovable Pets Owners), Marty emerged from his past tail wagging high, proud, forgiving and kind. Marty has also become quite a celebrity. He was featured in articles in Animal Wellness Magazine (2015), Yellowstone Valley Woman (2016), and All Animals (2016).  Marty has big plans to help end animal testing one day!