Rae Traver, NCMG

Rae Traver, NCMG, Chief Choreographer of Wet Dogs & Fur Styling

Rae helped build Lovable Pets’ first grooming salon over ten years ago, and she has been grooming here ever since.  Rae has been grooming since 2002 and has had the opportunity to learn techniques at five salons across the Northwest. She originally learned the trade at the Alaska SPCA, in her home state, and migrated to Montana to get a degree in Equestrian Studies from Rocky Mountain College. She enjoys spending huge amounts of time perfecting her art through continued education and has had the opportunity to compete, earning a third in the poodle class. She is currently a Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NADGAA). She competes in a variety of dog sports including conformation, nosework, agility, obedience, dock diving and herding with her dogs Zulu, Kenai, and Brekka, all of whom can be seen gracing the big arm chair in grooming while working hard at their advertising jobs (a.k.a. looking beautiful). She also has an Appaloosa, Azure, who is currently helping teach in the Rocky Mountain College Equestrian program and in the off season enjoys traveling to local shows where she pretends to be amazing (and sometimes is!)