Rosanne Bailey, NCG

Rosanne is a National Certified Sporting Dog Groomer with the NDGAA (National Dog Groomer’s Association of America) She has been with Lovable Pets for eight years and she still loves seeing all her wonderful furry clients and their hoomans, her awesome co-workers, and the amazing owners that have been so kind and understanding recently as she has dealt with a major personal loss.

Rosanne is the proud, loving owner of: 12-year-old Panda, a border collie mix; Vivi, a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix adopted from Rimrock Humane Society, 2 Bold jumping spiders and 2 Regal jumping spiders!

Outside of work, you’ll find Rosanne outdoors hiking, kayaking, foraging, and camping. Her other favorites include: The Cure, Princess Monoke, What We Do in the Shadows, and Witches Abroad by Terry Prachett.