Mortar and pestle with herbsAnimal Essentials' Colon Rescue tincture

The use of common medicinal herbs may have therapeutic value for mild health issues. Medicinal herbs can be used alone or in conjunction with allopathic medicine. As people are becoming more aware of the need to tend to their own health and the health of their pets, herbs are a natural choice. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that list pages of potential risks and side effects, herbs have few (if any) side effects. Herbs work gently to support the body. For example, peppermint mixed with ginger is a wonderful tonic for nausea. Marshmallow root, slippery elm and licorice are a great combo to ease diarrhea and digestive discomfort. Milk thistle is scientifically proven to protect the liver. We all know echinacea boosts the immune system, and it does the same for dogs and cats.

While herbs are generally safe, for more serious health problems, we recommend working with a veterinarian experienced in herbs, or an experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.