Animal Essentials antioxidant formula for pets

The reality is that due to the quality of our soil today and the toxins that are present all around us, whole food vitamin supplementation has become almost a necessity for overall health. And, this bears true for our pets as well, most importantly when they are eating a processed diet (ex: dry kibble). While all commercial pet foods contain vitamins, these vitamins are almost all “Synthetic vitamins.” Synthetic vitamins were never alive nor part of anything alive. That’s what synthetic means: it occurs nowhere in nature. Synthetic vitamins are chemicals and the body recognizes them as chemicals.  Animals who are already suffering from allergies and illness may have a harder time benefiting from synthetics.  Whole food vitamins are a much better choice!

“Real”, or “whole food” vitamins are living complexes that contribute to other living complexes like cell repair, circulatory activities and collagen production. They coexist in food with other living complexes like enzymes and essential trace minerals and they all function synergistically.

When choosing a multi-vitamin to complement your pet’s diet, it’s best to choose one that comes from whole foods like raw milk, spirulina, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other natural food ingredients.