Spa Day Dogs

Pet Grooming Salon Hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Due to Covid-19 the grooming salon is not currently taking drop-ins. We are offering drop-in services by appointment to keep our clients and staff safe. Please call to be put on our waiting list. We are making our way through this list as quickly as possible while continuing to prioritize our full-service appointments.

Call for an Appointment:

Evening hours for drop-in services (example: nail trims) can be variable. Please call beforehand.


Pricing by breed. Call for details.

Luxurious Extras*

Deluxe Spa Package:

Includes Blueberry Facial, tooth brushing, and nail grinding

Blueberry Facial:

Brightening, exfoliating, tearless. Leaves a wonderful, light, lasting aroma. Helps with tear stains!


A good brushing with PetzLife all-natural gel and a toothbrush to take home.

Nail Grinding:

Rounds off rough edges and shortens nails.


Stylish toenail painting. You choose color.

Hair Color:  

We love doing creative color…bring us your ideas and we will create the look you are aiming for!

*Please call for pricing.

Salon Features

Your pet will be a distinguished guest…

Quality Over Quantity

Our groomers are focused on giving your pet the best possible spa treatment. No rushing, no overbooking; just a relaxing, superior groom.

One-Way Window

Observe your pet’s styling without disturbing the serenity of the grooming experience.

Open-Door Policy

Anytime you’d like to see the facility yourself just ask us for a tour. We’re happy to explain all of our equipment and methods.

State-of-the-art equipment & cutting-edge handling techniques…

Show-Quality Shampoo
  • Isle of Dogs – Used by Westminster champions with a loyal, worldwide following. Specially formulated to bring out the best in each individual coat type without depleting moisture.
  • Show Season – A variety of shampoos catered to individual dogs’ coat types.  Adds moisture and leaves a pleasant, gentle scent.
  • Coat Handler – A respected name in the industry, this line of products can achieve success with a wide variety of coat types.

Pets are dried by hand. This process helps reduce shedding, adds body, prevents chills, and is healthy for the skin and coat. (Dogs that do not enjoy drying can take advantage of our safe, comfortable, heat-element free kennel drying system.)

Hydraulic Tables & Tub

These eliminate uncomfortable lifting and reduce stress on your pet.

The skilled hands of our groomers will never rush and their eye for detail will leave your pet looking its best!

Meet Our Staff